Helmond Metalen is your professional expert for the handling of entire dismantling and demolition projects, such as the decommissioning of industrial installations, power plants and even whole factories.


With our mobile Lefort trax shears and other cranes, we arrive on site ready to dismantle and demolish and make preparations to sort the metals. All the metals are brought by our own means of transport to our site, where they are sorted and weighed per type of metal. For the disposal of all other materials, we collaborate with our network of selected certified partners.

Helmond Metalen is fully certified and ensures accurate reporting of the types of materials received with corresponding weights, and everything is processed further in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

This approach takes us closer to providing a full service, freeing up our customers by taking care of waste streams from acceptance to project management and through to settlement.


Everything that comes in is weighed and reported. This way, you can see at all times what you have handed over.

Our people have good knowledge and the necessary qualifications.

We make sure that the National Waste Notification Bureau (LMA) is notified as required.

With our own lorries, we can get to your project anywhere, whether at home or abroad.

The financial settlement is completed within 7 working days.


If you have a question, please fill in the contact form or send an email to info@helmond-metalen.nl.